Schwemmland | Music/Sounds, Website, Flyer, 2010
Radias, SL-1200MK2, Cubase, Photoshop, InDesign, Notepad++

After he became aware of me at a concert, journalist and author Uli Wittstock asked me to embellish parts of his new poetry volume “Schwemmland” with music and sound. In his texts, he traces upheavals of a region which calls itself Central Germany and has been other-determined over the past decades. Thereby he pays close attention to scenery and history, challenges memories and thus gets rid of his own clichés.

'Nowadays, who actually reads poems?' With this question in mind Uli Wittstock did not want to present a conventional reading for the book launch, but instead wanted to make the material freshly tangible: His vision was a contemporary multimedia performance. Therefore, he also brought along the Dessau-based filmmaker Henry Mertens, who completed the show with short films and video sequences.

During the performance, we run through all kinds of formats and signaling chains: Super 8 mm film put through a digital grinder, extremely processed field recordings, sound bites played back from a micro tape recorder, self-recorded poems pressed on vinyl and walkie-talkies misused as a microphone.

To advertise the program, I’ve produced flyers, posters and a website. On the latter, you’ll find two complete tracks approved for sharing and remixing. Because we sampled our own sound back and forth, we want to be remixed by other people as well.