26C3 Unmanned Aviation Technology | Radio Report, 2009
H4, TLM102, Cubase

Last year, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has aroused increasing public attention. The grown-up wired generation and the veteran IT security experts have become involved in the political debates about data retention, net neutrality and internet censorship. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day the annual congress of the club takes place at the Berliner Congress Center (BCC) where the newest social and technical developments are being discussed.

In one floor, a little drone is flying by - an unmanned aerial vehicle with four rotors, which among other things is used for commercial aerial surveillance and remote sensing. The pilot is Holger Buss, an electrical engineer from East Frisia and supervisor of the workshop 'Build your own Mikrokopter'.
'At the Chaos Communication Camp 2007 there was the first drone workshop ever. It was very hard back then because the hardware was not pre-soldered and not preassembled. But now, it is possible to build your own drone within five hours.', the team states on the 26C3-wiki.

The Mikrokopter is being continually developed and supplemented with new sensors. Already in the middle of 2007, GPS was added.

More information: www.mikrokopter.de

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I also wrote a little report about the entire event.

Holger Buss. photo: www.mikrokopter.de