Caterina Göstl, Gerrit Heber, Christin Käther, Steffi Roloff (FLTR). photo: Ulf Müller
Final Cut | Radio Play, 2009
C4000B, NT1-A, H4, Cubase

It was a depressing morning in late November. These happen to be my most beloved working hours, police commissioner Stahlberg thought mockingly. With a hot coffee in his hands, he walked across the humid meadows of the university, covered in deep fog. 'Young man atrociously assassinated while studying' – In his mind’s eye, Stahlberg already saw the headline in the newspapers. A murder at a university is rare. Such a case didn’t occur to him for a long time. Although he had done 30 years of service, each time it was a horrible sight. A dark-haired boy lay on the ground with his throat slit up and his right ear cut off.

During the 3rd semester, three fellow students came up with the idea to produce a radio thriller in series - one episode per week. I spontaneously decided to record the voice actors, edit and arrange the dialogues, create atmos, sound effects and foley material and take care of the final sound mix. For the first eight episodes I recorded nearly every additional sound by myself. Later, when the exam preparations started, I was forced to use more often due to lack of time.

Final Cut Trailer
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For hard-boiled natures I provide all 14 episodes as a package: Final Cut - Radio Play (mp3) [ 66,2 MB ] Download

Authors: Christin Käther, Steffi Roloff, Caterina Göstl
Narrator: Caterina Göstl
Police commissioner Stahlberg ...... Gerrit Heber
Assistant Becker-Wenzel ...... Kristina Kim
Maria Baumgartner ...... Steffi Roloff
Grit Köhler ...... Christin Käther
Audio director: Gerrit Heber