photo: Dextar.Foto.MD
Eloquente Demagogen | Music Production, Layout, 2008
Cubase, Photoshop

For almost three years, Vit-Armin B and DJ Taip have been rocking the stages of Germany and were able to get a detailed picture of the German rap scene. During their artistic phase of self-discovery, they have found themselves between studying crack dealers, petty criminals living with their moms and other absurdities of the generation German rap 2.0. On their new album ‘Eloquente Demagogen’ they roast the modern hip-hop scene, which is now dominated by media affairs rather than by creativity and musical innovations. If this was supposed to be Run-D.M.C.’s house, the new owners ruined it completely.

First of all I had the great honour to produce two tracks for the album, namely ‘Herbstwald’ and ‘Ziel’. One thing I like about recording other people is that I can torture them for hours until I’m satisfied with the takes and Armin, being the professional he always has been, was very patient in this regard. Unfortunately the third party mastering didn't went as I expected. The voice has got the desired presence but for some reason the instrumental turned out muddy and dull. To give you an idea, I’ve added one original instrumental below. However, it was my first appearance on a record that actually had been pressed. Aside of that, I designed the CD cover/inlay.

VitArmin-B & DJ Taip - Herbstwald
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VitArmin-B & DJ Taip - Ziel
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VitArmin-B & DJ Taip - Ziel (Instrumental)
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