Herr Kosmos, Tomas Tulpe, DJ Taip, Walter Schnepel (FLTR). photo: Holger Müller
Hierschbiet | Music Production, 2007
Radias, ES4, Cubase

Every year in Magdeburg there’s an event called 'The Legendary Trash Festival'. As the title suggests, musicianship, acting skills and virtuosity are neither expected nor required. In 2007 host and participator Tomas Tulpe asked me to produce two instrumentals for sing-a-long. It all started with a cover version of Duran Duran’s ‘Wild Boys’, where Tomas describes a fucked up trip through a grocery store. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the track because of legal issues.

For his next shows, he expanded the live crew with DJ Taip (DJ, you guessed it), Mr. Kosmos (FOH mixer), Ivo (double bass), Martin (personal assistant) and me (keyboards). The name of the band - ‘Hierschbiet’ – originated from old times before Fanta spritzer was invented. So why the sudden comeback? In an interview, he answered: ‘We want more and more and eventually more money. So it was only logical to reappear again. Besides, my weight has increased drastically and I wanted to show that to everybody.'

We oriented ourselves mainly to the late stage of Elvis – his period as an electropopper. Sadly, he wasn’t aware of that, so he collapsed for that reason. The best thing he could have done is to stick with his socially critical lyrics. Mr. Kosmos once put it this way: ‘Long gone are the times when it was enough to simply have no opinion. But today, you also have to be incapable to express them.’

By now, Tomas Tulpe is signed at Zett-Records and has recently released his album ‘Hatschi’.

More information: www.tomastulpe.de

Hierschbiet - Kaffee ist kein Erfrischungsgetränk (Instrumental)
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Hierschbiet - Electro Metal (Instrumental)
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Hierschbiet - Nur Post für die Anderen (Instrumental)
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