Aerosol-Arena | Videos, 2013-15
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Until spring 2012, the production site of the former 'VEB Konsummühle' in Magdeburg/Rothensee used to be a run-down area with no prospects for further development. But the bold vision of Dortmund-based graffiti pioneer Jens Märker a.k.a. PEST (YCKB), along with the indispensable public relations work of Swiss journalist Daniela Kreissl and tireless efforts shown by local graffiti aficionados had transformed the overgrown vast area into a colourful urban retreat.

Today, the Aerosol-Arena Magdeburg is probably Europe’s largest legal Graffiti Hall of Fame. With a total area of 30,000 m² and 8,000 m² of paintable surface, the ex-GDR industrial site offers a unique space to the local and international art community to pursue their passion for painting ridiculously large walls. It further provides ladders, ladder trolleys, scaffolds, forklifts and a campground. The direct contact to a neighbouring rental service of cranes and lifting platforms also makes it possible to create murals at a height of no less than 25 meters.

The innovative and successful project even serves as a role model for urban development through culture. Therefore the initiators have been invited to various EU-funded workshops, such as the CATALYSE project Essen and the Forum d'Aivgnon Bilbao/Spain, where international experts in art, architecture, politics and entrepreneurship analysed the different aspects of 'The City as a Cultural Ecosystem'.

In late summer 2014 the Aerosol-Arena eventually became a venue for the International Meeting Of Styles, one of the worlds’ most famous and renowned graffiti events. More than 200 graffiti artists from different countries, including Italy, Norway, Peru and Israel have gathered to exchange ideas and to present all different types of urban art.

Burning Knut, 2013

The collaborative burning of abandoned christmas trees in the beginning of the year has become an instant tradition. Most people like to play with fire or just simply enjoy watching the flames and the meditative crackling of burning fir needles. 'Burning Knut' combines drinking hot wine punch at the hobo fire, listening to music and writing on the wall. Since the event is named after the scandinavian St. Knut's Day, the IKEA theme in the video was mandatory. But honestly, the production was just an excuse to throw a christmas tree out of the window.

Aerosol-Arena Yard, 2013

One of the initial ideas for the Aerosol-Arena was to build an actual train yard where the present parking space is located. At least one track should be constructed upon which a couple of railroad cars are being placed. To put this plan into action, the association participated in a Europe-wide competition organized by the French stationery manufacturer Oxford. Unfortunately, the project proposal didn't win the grand prize of 30,000 Euros, but proudly had made it into the top 20 finalists (out of 1,200 submissions) with the help of this video.

Hip-Hop Olympics, 2014

Just when it seemed like the classic Hip-Hop jams in Germany have faded away, the fine folks over at Aerosol-Arena Magdeburg celebrated Hip-Hop culture in its true original essence and form. All creative outlets - DJing, MCing, breakdance, graffiti art and beatbox - were represented by talented artists from all over the country. During the event I tried to catch the spirit of the location as the camera sees it. What I failed to get is for you to carry with you in your memory. What you failed to get might possibly be found herein.