Wuestend.com | Website, 2011

Since the premiere of Schwemmland in 2010, Uli Wittstock, Henry Mertens and I have created a lot of distinct works such as sound installations, graphics, object art and videos. Time had come to unite all activities under one roof and name our team.

In this respect, we made up the term ‚WUESTend‘, which refers to the old splitting points between public and private railway tracks. These sections could be used by both parties and were indicated by two double-sided signs for the starting and end points. The latter were the inspiration for our brand.

Being the only person in charge of the website, I was able to avoid using a bloated CMS and a database. In this way, development effort was reduced to a minimum. Also, because the entire page only consists of a few HTML files, a CSS file and some medium-sized images, loading time is quite short, even for people with limited bandwidth. (In the early 90’s, I used to surf the web with a 28.8k modem. Later visiting MySpace pages killed my ISDN capacity. So I do care about everyone without broadband internet access.) For the presentation of one particular artwork I tried out native audio with HTML5, which works great in all recent browsers and finally makes Flash obsolete. Furthermore, achieving a similar look in different browsers has become a lot easier thanks to the death of IE6.


photo: Horst Eff