photo: Henry Mertens

My name is Gerrit Heber. I am an all-rounder when it comes to production across various media platforms.

I consider my greatest strength to be audio productions. Many years of piano and singing lessons as well as numerous live performances not only trained my ears, but largely benefited me in arranging sound. Over the time I have developed a keen sense for proper edits and balanced mixes. After I had set up my little home studio, I did a lot of composing and production work for myself and other musicians including micing up instruments, recording from different sources and creating sounds/atmos/fx. My DAW of choice is Cubase/Nuendo, but I also get along well with Logic, Audition and Samplitude. ProTools is the beast I want to master in the future.

I have a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Media Management and further want to explore the mechanisms of mass communication/media as well as improve my skills in the audiovisual field.